The climate change emergency and imperative social issues have catalysed significant regulatory and structural changes in markets, positioning Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) at the top of the agenda of many organisations. We provide support as businesses pursue the opportunities presented by the exponential growth of sustainable finance and investment opportunities, action on emissions, climate tech, innovation, and infrastructure to facilitate the energy transition, and the promotion of human rights, talent, and diversity in the workforce across businesses and supply chains.

Core to business resilience in a time of change, are corporate governance frameworks that support coherent management of the opportunities and risks associated with a just transition to a carbon neutral or negative future. We advise clients internationally and locally as they incorporate ESG into business strategies and implement ESG in operations, supply chains and business relationships throughout value chains.


We provide advice on comprehensive ESG management, implementing net zero strategies, identifying risks and obligations such an increasing reporting disclosure and due diligence requirements on ESG matters, to assistance with litigation, dispute and reputation risks arising from ESG, where effective stakeholder engagement is increasingly paramount.

Our team is on hand to enable your business transition and to protect and create your sustainable growth.

We provide advisory services in:

Climate Change

We work with businesses in all sectors on net zero strategies including carbon projects and carbon trading, clean and low carbon investment opportunities, climate change due diligence, regulatory requirements and risk mitigation relating to climate change.

Energy Transition

We advise clients on the full breadth of energy transition-related opportunities from a project financing and development, regulatory, M&A, joint venture, and construction standpoint. We advise on investment protection and the associated risks of transition.

Sustainable Finance

We advise clients globally across all types of sustainable finance products, from green bonds to sustainability-linked and other financings, and the risks surrounding ESG-related disclosures, statements, and due diligence.

Business and Human rights

We assist on the use of business and human rights frameworks to manage social issues when implementing ESG strategies. We advise on the emerging regulation of business-related human rights impacts and on the risks of litigation when harms to rights occur.


We recognize that getting inclusion and diversity right for is no longer only an economic and cultural imperative. We advise on the increased regulation and the governance of inclusion and diversity across multiple jurisdictions. 

Stakeholder Governance

We advise clients across the full-spectrum of stakeholder governance-related opportunities, risks, and compliance issues, whether they arise in deal-specific contexts such as Mergers and Acquisitions or restructuring, or where effective stakeholder governance is needed for to effect change on ESG issues.