Governance Audit

A governance audit is an independent assessment of an institution with a view of expressing an opinion on the adequacy and effectiveness of the systems, policies, processes, and practices of an organisation. Governance audits provide governing and management organs of organisations with the assurance they need that proper and adequate governance structures are in place for ensuring adoption of best practices in corporate governance, enabling the achievement of business goals, and delivering long-term value to stakeholders.


 Audit Report

Following the completion of an audit, Flamante prepares an audit report which helps to measure how best an organisation is governed and how to improve the Board’s performance. The audit report also helps an organisation to identify governance gaps, which if promptly addressed lead to improved standards of governance practice, mitigation of governance risks and enhanced compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

Legal Audits

To effectively serve its customers and other stakeholders, an entity must develop a sound legal model for the achievement of its objectives. Just like its accounting counterpart, every so often, it is prudent for the governing and management organs of organisations to seek the services of external advisors to periodically perform periodic reality checks to test and adjust the validity of the legal model which typically takes the form of a legal audit. This may also be necessitated by the dynamics of the regulatory environment.

Company Secretarial Services

Flamante LLP are practicing Corporate Secretaries whose services fully include corporate incorporations and company secretarial services possible. This will include acting as company secretary as per the requirements of the Company’s Act (No. 17 of 2015) and in compliance with other relevant Legislations such as the Certified Public secretaries Act (Cap 534 of the Laws of Kenya). This will also entail providing general guidance to the governing and management organs of organisations on the Company’s “license to operate” in compliance with all applicable laws and Regulatory framework and providing advice to those organs on best practices in corporate governance.

Training in Corporate Governance

The aim of these consultancies and training is to help Directors and Management have an appreciation of Corporate Governance and its benefits within the business’ context of operation, as well as, to help them appreciate their roles and responsibilities as Directors and Management and to appreciate the liabilities they could be exposed to as they carry out these duties. The training also includes discussion of necessary tools that enhance governance within the business and which assist in managing identified governance risk.